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Special Recognition: Stephen Romanowitch

Liberty Township has been very fortunate to have may outstanding individuals working for or with the town=employees, volunteer and outside professionals.  They all deserve our thanks and recognition.  But occasionally someone will come along who goes far above and beyond.  No one will deny that Stephen Romanowitch was one of the most dedicated and hardest working employees Liberty Township has ever had.

From the time he was a laborer, a truck driver, or the Supervisor, he took exceptional pride in his work – and rightfully so.  He started out each morning by driving all of the Township roads.  If there was a limb or a rock in the way, he moved it.  If there was a blocked storm drain, he cleared it.  IF one of use called him about something that needed attention, he would say “I saw it this morning – already on it”.

When the position of DPW Supervisor opened up, and Ronnie and I approached Steve about taking over, he was hesitant.  He didn’t want to “be the boss.”  He thought there was too much paperwork and too many state regulations that he wasn’t comfortable with.  But we convinced him and he did a great job.

If something came up that he wasn’t sure how to handle, he could call us and say “What have you gotten me into?”  But we would work it out, together.  Because what he was into it – we were all into.

From putting the flag up and down on special days to clearing the roads before lunch.

This dedication is long overdue.  Steve hope you know how much you have meant to the Township.  In case you or anyone else needs a reminder of that, we have something here to remind you.  Every time you drive by, we want to see this and be proud of what you have done for the Community.

Mayor John E Inscho