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Liberty Township Construction Office

Liberty Township Construction Services

Liberty Township is working with NJ Department of Community Affairs for all building, electrical and plumbing, and fire inspections.

Representatives of the NJ Department of Community Affairs shall be in the Liberty Township municipal offices on Wednesday from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm to assist you with building, electrical, plumbing and fire permits and/or questions.

All inspections must be scheduled through the Department of Community Affairs main office. 

Please call 908. 713.0722 to schedule inspections.

NEW: Directions for Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detector Certification

There are no longer any in-person inspections for certification of smoke and carbon monoxide detector compliance for a property closing. All certification requests must be completed on-line at the following web site.

Once on this page, please proceed to the following line and proceed through the application

Selling Your Home in New Jersey

Please follow this link for access to DCA RIMS Online

All questions are to be directed to:

NJ Department of Community Affairs Division of Fire Safety
Telephone Number: 609.633.6132

Do I need a building permit?

Homeowners often ask, "Do I need a building permit?" There is a lot of confusion as to when one is needed. The definition is long and covers many requirements not pertaining to homeowners. Simply put, repairs (other than new construction) are broken down into the following three categories.

1. Ordinary Repairs (no permit required)

  • Examples are replacing an exterior door or windows without altering the structure. Replacing gutters, carpets, repairing wall finishes, molding.
  • Also, fences smaller than 6’ high do not require a permit, but requires zoning. (Please contact the Zoning Officer.)

2. Minor Repairs (permits required)

  • Examples... a new roof if more than 25% is being replaced.
  • New siding if more than 25% of area.
  • Replacing steps, porches, new water heater, furnace, electrical service, etc.

3. Emergency Repairs (permits required but have 72 hours to file for the permit)

  • Examples... are snow or ice damage, roof repairs, heat supply repairs, etc.
  • The nature of the repair is to make the remaining structure safe and secure (if a dwelling).

4. New Construction (always requires a permit)

  • Examples... are a new house, a new deck, enclosing a porch, building accessory buildings (sheds if over 100 sq. ft., garages, barns), finish basements, build patios, pools (above or in ground), additions, or dormers.

If you still have questions as to whether or not a permit is needed, Contact the building department at (908) 637-4579 ext. 21. Our office hours are Wednesdays 12:30pm – 3:30pm.

Home Owners Performing Electrical or Plumbing

New Jersey laws require persons doing electrical or plumbing work to be licensed. An exception to this law are persons doing electrical work on their principle place of residence.

A properly completed NJAC 5:23v 2.15(b) 2.i application stating the work being done must be submitted. Along with this application, drawings complying with applicable sections of the Code for work being done must be included.

Well Permit (electrical)

Well drillers or pump installers need to submit an electrical permit (electrical supply from the house to well wiring controls and pump). Inspection is required with an open ditch to be inspected before backfill.

House and Addition Permits

The following is a list of requirements and procedures that need to be followed when applying for a Construction Permit or a Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

Requirements for Construction Permits

  1. NJ Department of Environmental Protection (wet lands letter of exemption).
  2. Soil Conservation (letter of approval or exemption) 5,000 sq. ft. disturbed soil.
  3. Zoning application (see Zoning Officer).
  4. Plot Plan approval (sub division) both township and county.
  5. A driveway on a county road requires prior approval from the county Engineer.
  6. Builder registration number (copy of card and/or copy of home improvement contract or registration card).
  7. Health Department (approval letter) Septic and Well.
  8. Construction Plans (3 sets).
  9. Permits (construction permit, building, plumbing, electrical, fire sub code).
  10. Foundation Location (ordinance # 99-15) Upon completion of the foundation, no further construction above the foundation shall proceed until a certified survey, prepared by a licensed land surveyor, licensed in the State of New Jersey is submitted to the Construction Official. Such survey shall contain at a minimum the following information: a) Block, Lot, and Street address.
    1. Exact dimensions of each structure and it’s location on the lot.
    2. All setbacks and widths or depth of all yard spaces

Requirements for Certificate of Occupancy

  1. Health Department (completion letter).
  2. Soil Conservation letter of Approval.
  3. Home Owners Warranty (State or private) or affidavit of homeowner.
  4. "As Built" showing exact dimensions of each structure and exact location with all setbacks and width or depth of al yards- including and propane or oil tank, well, or septic locations by licensed  New Jersey surveyor.
  5. Driveway release from Township Engineer.
  6. Driveway release from County Engineer.
  7. Final inspection and approval from all Sub Code Officials (Building, Fire, Electrical, Plumbing).



Underground Tank Demolitions/ Removals

Underground storage tanks can only be removed or abandoned by a NJDEP Certified contractor.

1. Residential Heating Fuel

  • Tanks of 2000 gallons or less require a local permit.
  • Tanks of 2001 gallons or more require a D.E.P. permit along with a local permit.

2. Commercial/Farmland

  • Underground fuel storage tanks must have a permit from D.E.P. and a local permit.