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Photo Album - Vintage

Mountain Lake in 1924

I'm attaching an old photo taken of Mountain Lake in 1924. My dad, Melvin W. Van Hart (1910-2002), was at that place as a boy scout that year, and I dug this photo out of the proverbial shoe box of photos. He was also at a boy scout camp the year before, 1923, but those photos are labeled "Rocky Point." Perhaps the same place(?), but they don't show any scenery like the 1924 shot. I thought you might find the old photo interesting.

Photo submitted by Dirk Van Hart

Mountain Lake Postcard from 1950's

My family use to summer at the lake going back to the 1950’s and my wife and I own property on the lake. I found this old postcard that might be of interest. On the back it reads: Mountain Lake Bathing Beach R.D. Belvidere, N.J. Turn right at Butzville on U.S. 46 halfway between New York and Scranton. Picnic Tables, Bathing, Boating, Refreshment Stand.

Postcard submitted by Gary Fleming

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