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Zoning Official

Zoning Official

George Boesze
Hours: Tuesday, 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Liberty Zoning Maps

Certification of Property Tax Status

Upon the adoption of Ordinance #2014.008, "Payment of Taxes Prior to Issuance of Permits or Licenses", on 7 August, 2014, the homeowner shall included the attached Certification of Property Tax Status, as completed by the Municipal Tax Collector, with any Building Permit or Certificate of Occupancy Application.

Driveway Permits

Download Driveway Permit Application (.pdf)

Driveway permit applications are reviewed by the Zoning Official Eric Snyder. The Zoning Official may be contacted via e-mail at

Please review Chapter 53 of the Land Use Code (accessible through the Township Website) for all requirements and submission details.  The application form can be obtained by clicking here: Zoning Application (.pdf).

Escrow deposit shall be administered in accordance with the provisions of the ordinance which provides for additional deposit requirements and the return of unused escrow deposits.

Please follow these steps in order to process your application:

  • Obtain an application form (see above) 
  • Complete the application and submit the required escrow of $500 payable to “Liberty Township” with the following: 
  • A driveway construction plan, drawn by a licensed professional engineer, which shows:
    • Location
    • Existing and proposed topography
    • Utility locations including septic system and well
    • Actual driveway dimensions
    • Stations along driveway
    • All intended improvements and details in order to meet ordinance requirements
      • including clearing/grading for sight distance, drainage, and, where necessary, a profile of the driveway showing existing and proposed center line grade and elevations for the entire driveway length
    • A stake must be provided, at road edge, for intended centerline of new driveway, prior to the first inspection.
  • A "N.J. One Call" (1-800-272-1000) confirmation number.

Permits shall be reviewed and issued by the Township Consulting Engineer.