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Mountain Lake Memories

My mother's cousin and her husband, The Brinning's, had rental property in Mt. Lake in the 1950's and we got to come the last week of the summer each year. The was a big house and smaller bungalow on the proerty. A dock for canoes and row boats on the water. We would hike around the lake once during our visit and drink water from the spring that fed the lake. Mt. Lake will always be the fondest memory of my childhood.

Paul D.

I grew up their with my brother and sister, the lake the mountains was a big part of our life's as kids. Fishing, swimming, getting lost in those mountains. Hiking up too high rock spending the day up there. The winters as kids was the best, slay riding for miles, snow ball fights, ice skating, playing hockey. Summer time with my family at the beach bar, our parents would be partying it up. Roller skating the arcade ... Swimming out to the rafts ... I remember the first time swimming out to raft number 1 scared to death ... ha ha ... I hope the lake is still thriving and kids are growing up there and having a blast ...

Chris H.

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