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Native Meadow Garden

On September 15, volunteers from the community and Environmental Commission gathered to plant 240 small quart containers. Twenty-five people dedicated an afternoon to some tough digging, planting, mulching and making a bucket brigade to water every newly planted native. A protective netting was installed around the meadow, to keep away birds and other wildlife from feeding on the new plants. Eleven varieties in all were planted to provide a diverse meadow of wildflowers and grasses to provide habitat for crucial insects, birds, bees and butterflies. 

The hard work of volunteers inspired the Commission to continue the native planting efforts. On November 3, a handful of volunteers gathered to continue the native garden efforts around the planted meadow, by spreading a wildflower/grass seed mix. Volunteers helped to prep the area, reduce the grass, remove weeds and mark-out a planting grid. Volunteers mixed the seed with cat litter and evenly disbursed the native seed through the planting grid, stepped it into the soil, then covered the seeds with some hay. 

This winter, the Commission will be developing a brochure for public education, host a cabin fever workshop and a garden dedication in the spring. Sat tuned for more to come!

What kinds of plants are going in? The goal is to plant the right native in the right spot! This site needs plants who like to get their roots wet and diverse plants that support a variety of beneficial insects, birds, and pollinators. Here are some of the plants going in this fall: Joe Pye weed, Swamp Rose Mallow, Indian Grass, Boneset, Canadian Burnet, Turtlehead, Swamp milkweed, Blue Flag Iris, Squarrose Sedge, Blazing Star, Golden Ragwort, and Hoary Mountain Mint.

Our first garden prep party was a success! Volunteers came out and helped spread cardboard and wood chips in the area where the meadow will be planted. Why cardboard? The cardboard and wood chips will all break down over time; while they are sitting on top of the grass, they will help to kill off the plants in the area and prepare the soil for easier digging. While prepping the garden area, we found some Painted Turtle eggs and helped to relocate them to a safe place. Thank you to the dedicated volunteers and a huge thanks Precision Tree and Landscape for donating all of the wood chips!

Native Wildflower Meadow at Mt. Lake

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