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Environmental Commision

Liberty Township Environmental Commission
349 Mountain Lake Road, Great Meadows, NJ 07838
908.637.4579, x26

The Environmental Commission serves as an advisory board to the Land Use Board and the Township Committee. It is concerned with the quality of the surface and ground water, air, soils, flora, fauna, and general life in our community.

Liberty Township, Warren County, NJ - Proclamation

WHEREAS, Philip and Lorna Wooldridge came to Liberty Township, Warren County from England; and

WHEREAS, Philip and Lorna Wooldridge have announced their intention to return to England; and

WHEREAS, Philip and Lorna Wooldridge became active residents of the Township of Liberty, Warren County; and

WHEREAS, Philip Wooldridge, Chairperson of the Liberty Township Environmental Commission, and Lorna Wooldridge, Member of the Liberty Township Environmental Commission, have announced their retirement from the Liberty Township Environmental Commission due to relocation; and,

WHEREAS, Philip and Lorna Wooldridge upon the occasion of their retirement from the Liberty Township Environmental Commission, from an outstanding tenure of municipal service, during which they have demonstrated an exemplary measure of public-spiritedness and for which they have earned the deepest respect and admiration of many; and

WHEREAS, Philip Wooldridge has served on the Environmental Commission for many years and during that tenure also served Liberty Township as the Environmental Commission Chairperson; and,

WHEREAS, Lorna Wooldridge has served on the Environmental Commission as a member for several years; and,

WHEREAS, Phil and Lorna Wooldridge have contributed to the community in multiple projects.

BE IT RESOLVED, I John E. Inscho, Mayor of Liberty Township, on behalf of the residents of Liberty Township applaud and appreciate Phil and Lorna Wooldridge for their outstanding service to our community and extend our best wishes for their continued success in England.

Save the Date—Green Fair, April 4, 2020

April 4, 2020, 10 am to 2 pm

Free Raffles
Free Admission
Free Tree Seedlings
Project Medicine Drop
Upcycling Inspiration
E-waste Drop-off for Abilities
More, More, More!

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Liberty Twp. Recycling Challenge

Got plastic?

The Environmental Commission continues to partner in the TREX Recycling Challenge. For every 500 lbs. of clean plastic collected and sorted, our community is eligible for a free TREX bench.

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Native Meadow Garden coming to Mt. Lake

The Liberty Twp. Environmental Commission is thrilled to announce it received a grant award from ANJEC through their Open Space Stewardship Grant Program to create a native meadow garden at Mountain Lake. At the heart of Liberty Township is Mountain Lake; Warren County’s largest, natural glacial lake and an Audubon designated Important Bird and Birding Area.

Through the ANJEC grant, the Environmental Commission will design and plant a 400 square foot wildflower and grass meadow near the pavilion at Mt. Lake to support our wildlife. Once complete, the garden will serve as a self-guided tour of native plants, their beneficiaries and why they are so important in our community.

Check out photos below or view photo album on Flickr:

Environmental Commission

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Spotted Lanternfly

The Spotted lanternfly,  initially found in Berks County Pennsylvania in 2014, was discovered in the New Jersey environment in July 2018 in Warren County.  Following this discovery, it was also found in Mercer and Hunterdon counties.  A Quarantine was initiated to slow the movement and control the further spread of this insect throughout the state. The Department and USDA field crews are out conducting surveys, assessing properties and conducting treatments against this invasive exotic insect in the Quarantine zone. As a result of surveys conducted by state and federal crews the Department is proposing to expand the Quarantine to include Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem and Somerset Counties beginning in August of 2019. Even though entire counties are identified in the Quarantine, the insect does not infest the entire county. This insect does not pose a direct threat to humans or animals but feeds on over 70 trees and plants and can cause significant damage to all sectors of the state’s agricultural industry and the forested environment as well.

Moth Night Recap

Moth Night at Mountain Lake was a community success! The Liberty Township Environmental Commission would like to thank the more than 60 folks that came out that evening, as well as the following partners:

  • The NJ Natural Lands Trust and Martin Rapp
  • Blaine Rothaauser, our incredible presenter and Lepidopterist
  • Jill Dodds and Ann-Marie Woods, for your help in moth identification and sharing your photos
  • Mt. Lake Fire Company, for use of your Lakeview Room and outdoor space

Please check out photos of some of the moths that made an appearance that evening.

Photos by Ann-Marie Woods.

Euparthenos nubilis
- Locust Underwing

Oreta rosea
- Rose Hooktip

Homophoberia cristata
- Waterlily Owlet

Callydapteryx dryopterata
- Brown Scoopwing

Scopula limboundata
- Large Lace-border

Parapoynx maculalis
- Polymorphic Pondweed Moth

Historical Projects

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Stormwater Information

Link to the Stormwater Control Ordinance Number 06-03:

Link to DEP stormwater page:

West Nile Virus Updates

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Bear Awareness Fact Sheet

New Jersey is home to all kinds of beautiful wildlife – including black bears.

Black bears are getting a lot of attention these days, for the wrong reasons. They're venturing too close to homes and into backyards, looking for food. Bears that look for food near your home or in your yard likely have learned bad habits from people who feed them intentionally, or unintentionally by carelessly leaving out food or garbage.

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Schedule of regular meetings of the liberty township environmental commission.

Take notice that, pursuant to the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, PL 1975, the regular meetings of the Liberty Township Environmental Commission are to be held on the third Thursday of each month, beginning at 7:00 pm at the Liberty Township Municipal Building, 349 Mountain Lake Road, Great Meadows, NJ 07838

Commission Roster

Meeting Dates

Meeting Minutes

Annual Report

Official information:

A series of studies was undertaken to provide data on one of the townships most valuable resources, the watershed of Mountain Lake, the largest natural glacial lake in Warren County.

  • 1992: Mountain Lake Watershed Study done by Warren County Soil Conservation.
  • 1995: DEP grant Environmental Resources Inventory – Eric Snyder Associates $5,000
  • 1998: DEP grant Water Quality Study of Mountain Lake – Amy Greene Assoc. $5,000
  • 1999: DEP grant Bathymetric Map of Mountain Lake – Aquatic Analysts, Inc. $5,000
  • 2000: DEP grant Phase I Storm Water Study of Mountain Lake – Aquatic Analysts $5,000
  • 2001: DEP grant Phase II NPS Loading of Phosphorous Modeling – Aquatic Analysts $5,000
  • 2003: Clean Water Act 319h grant for filtering storm drains at Mountain Lake. – Applied Water Management, Inc.
  • 2005: Additional funds for stormwater monitoring- $47,628

Environmental Brochures:

Open Space Advisory Committee

Take notice that, pursuant to the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, PL 1975, the Liberty Township Open Space Advisory Committee meetings shall begin at 7:30 pm on the fourth monday of each month in the Municipal Building, 349 Mountain Lake Road, Great Meadows, NJ as posted.

The Open Space Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Township Committee for the purchase of properties utilizing the Open Space Tax, and oversees the management of those properties.

The Committee oversees the boat launch, giving public access to Mountain Lake. The fee for launching is $5.00.

If anyone in interested in putting their land into preservation or learn more about the Township's Open Space program please feel free to contact Kathy Dossena at 908.637.4579, ext 30 for more information.

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