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July Primary Election

On Friday Governor Murphy issued Executive Order 144 ordering the July 7 Primary Election be conducted primarily by vote-by-mail ballots with at least one polling location open in each municipality.

Vote-by-mail ballots will automatically be sent to all “active” registered Democratic and Republican votes without applying for the vote-by-mail ballots. Vote-by-mail applications will automatically be sent to all “active” voters who are registered as Unaffiliated and all “inactive” registered Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated voters. All vote-by-mail applications and return envelopes will have prepaid postage.

The order also suspends the requirement that vote-by-mail ballots be counted prior to the closing of polls. Instead ballots may continue to be counted beyond the close of polls and continue until the counting is completed. To be considered valid the vote-by-mail ballot must be postmarked on or before July 7, 2020 and received by 8:00 p.m. on July 14, 2020. Please note vote by mail ballots may not be returned to the polling location.

The order also suspends the requirement to mail sample ballots. Instead the appropriate county official will send a notice of the voter’s polling place, information on where to obtain a sample ballot prior the election, a statement indicating that a sample ballot will be available at the polling place on the day of the election, and, if applicable, information on a county website where a sample ballot may be viewed.

Each county will be responsible for securing at least 5 ballot drop boxes and place them in locations that are readily accessible to the registered voters within the county. The security of the ballot drop boxes and schedule of ballot pickup must conform to the standards established by the Secretary of State.

In addition, each county must open at a minimum at least one polling place in each municipality. Provided that sufficient poll workers are available, each county must open a minimum of 50% of its polling place. The county may open more than the minimum number of polling places. The County Board of Elections should select polling places based on geographic location and population density to best serve the voters of each municipality. Any voter who appears at a polling place on Primary Day must vote by a provisional ballot, except that a voter with disabilities may vote on an ADA-accessible voting machine.