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Mountain Lake Community Association

Annual Genera Membership Meeting

Join us on Friday, August 5th at the Mountain Lake Firehouse at 7pm for our annual general membership meeting. We will review goals, update the membership on spring projects, lake management plan progress, and future events. Hope to see you there! Read the MLCA & WAG Spring 2016 newsletter.

It is not too late to join MLCA & WAG. Become a member for the 2015-2016 year by sending in your dues before June 30, 2016. What does your membership support? Here are some of the past/upcoming events supported by MLCA & WAG membership dues:
  • Herbicide treatment and water monitoring at the lake - done by both professionals and volunteers
  • Support the Mt. Lake Ladies Auxiliary 2015 Halloween Party and 2016 Easter Egg Hunt
  • Coming soon - purchasing canoe/kayak storage and donating to the Twp. to encourage more people using the water
  • Annual newsletter mailing and email option 
  • Sponsorship of Community Day music & 2nd Annual kayak race
  • Annual Scholarship Program - providing $250 to a local high school student pursuing a degree in the environmental science/natural resource field
  •  Supported a local Eagle Scout project with a $500 donation to build new lifeguard chairs at the community beach
  • Sponsor of the Environmental Commission Native Seed Workshop - providing pots and soil for all attendees
  • Supported the Liberty Environmental Commission's ANJEC grant which installed four educational signs around the lake
  • Sponsor of the Mt. Lake Fire Company's Annual Golf Outing
  • Sponsor and one of the organizers of the 2016 Tri Mountain Lake Triathlon

Tri Mountain Lake Sprint Triathlon - Saturday, July 16, 2016 at 8am

This event is being sponsored by MLCA & WAG, DASH Multisport and the Mt. Lake Fire Company. Proceeds raised from this event will support the goals of the lake association and our volunteer fire company.

Please help spread the word! This event is open to teams and singles from ages 16-100! We are looking for volunteers, business sponsorship, and participants!

The triathlon includes a half mile swim in the lake, a 15 mile bike ride and 3 mile run around the lake to finish at the Mt. Lake Firehouse for some food, drinks, awards! Everyone who signs up before May 1, 2016 gets an early bird discount. After May 1, the price will increase. 

Mountain Lake Survey

We want to know how you use Mountain Lake. What do you think of the water quality, activities, etc? Click here to take the survey and email to or mail to MLCA & WAG, P.O.Box 275, Great Meadows, NJ 07838. You can submit anonymously.

Your opinion is critical for us to establish a lake management plan for the future of the lake and community!

Birding 101 Workshop


A huge THANK YOU to John Parke of the NJ Audubon Society for an amazing class on beginner birding! Thank you also to all those in attendance.

Some helpful tips from the workshop:

  • Equipment: Good pair of binoculars & a field guide with range maps and descriptions, not just pictures
  • Shapes: Get familiar with silhouettes & shapes-wings, beaks & tails
  • Size it up - compare size of bird to something you know
  • Some things don't change – Shape of beaks and feet dictate food and habitat
  • Look for certain colors & patterns – color around the eyes/on the wings, patterns in the wing/on the tail, behavior patterns and habitat.

Pick up a free birding trail maps at the Liberty municipal building. Happy Birding!

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